WHY Jogeshwary Solutions ?

Jogeshwary Solutions is a fast-growing provider of software consultancy, design and development services, headquartered in the India. Jogeshwary Solutions has a proven track record of successful development and implementation of solutions on different technologies for a variety of customers.

  • Address: 004, A Wing, Sindhu Building, Lokgram, Kalyan East,
    Mumbai-421306, Maharashtra
  • Phone: +91 8425821990
  • Email: jogeshwarysolutions@gmail.com

Money Lending Solution

Money Lending Software used specially for Registered Money Lenders is now the best equipped product in its category. This software is designed considering each and every requirement of Money Lenders. It covers like Voucher Payment, Pavati, Voucher Receipt, Customer registration and mortgage. Its interest calculation method gives facility to apply interest on Monthly / Annual basis and Occupation Category-wise like as Farmer, Business, Service etc., Gender-wise and Location-wise like City or Village Cast wise like OBC, the awesome reporting part includes Capital Ledger, Cash Book, Form 12, Print Receipt/Pavati any other language.

  • Facility for Make Payment/Paid and Take Receipt/Pavti
  • Loan and Mortgage Management.
  • Interest Calculation Management.
  • Money Lending Register, Cash Register, Capital Register,
  • Outstanding Management with & without Interest.
  • Jama Nave Patrak, Bhandval Khate & Loan Closed Report.
  • Yearly Statement for Single and All Parties
  • Daily Report or Roj-Kird and Monthly Report
  • Khatavani for Single and All Parties
  • Categories Account like Farmer, Karagir, Vyapari, Male, female, Backward, Gramin, Shahari/City etc.